Thursday, October 10, 2013

Direct Descendant Book–From the Orkneys to New Zealand


My current project is a Direct Descendant Book – Where I start from the furthest Generation back in one particular line and make my way down that line to myself with a page or pages for each person I feature.

I will probably do several of these with different branches but I’ve started with my Brodie family from the Orkneys because I’ve been quite focused on this line of my family tree lately


Here are the first few pages

I started with William Brodie born 1766 ( I actually know the names of his parents but I know absolutely nothing else about them so felt starting with William was sensible


This is the family Group sheet page for William and following this because details are sketchy I have decided to write about life in the Orkneys around the time when William was alive


Williams son John was my GGG Grandfather – here are the pages I’ve done on him so far


Next in line is Elizabeth Brodie who was my GG Grandmother – this is the first generation I have photographs for so she will probably be the subject of more pages – Ill post them in part two of this post some time  soon

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