Saturday, September 21, 2013

3 Generations of Lennies (McClellans) fight for Australia


Today I discovered that Australian Archives are digitising some of their WW2 files as well as their WW1 files.

I discovered a file for Eric Cecil McClellan which in addition to the WW1 files I have for his father Frank ( Francis David) and his Grandfather David, show that 3 generations of Lennies ( remembering that this branch of the family are definitely Lennies but changed their name to McClellan.


Firstly here is the Attestation paper for David McClellan

( the rest of  file can be found here - )

Digital copy of item

Note he states he fought in the Boer War and also for the NZ Volunteers – this goes along with a story we have from a family genealogist who stated that David made whips for the Prince of Wales during the Boer War, and married his nurse after contracting Rheumatic Fever

So far Ive been unable to come up with any further evidence of his Boer War service unfortunately nor any proof that his wife Myrtle was a Boer War Nurse.


Next is the Attestation papers for David’s son Francis David ( Frank)  for WW1

( rest of the file can be found here - )

Digital copy of item



Francis also appeared to volunteer for WW 2 service for the Veterinary  Hospital

Digital copy of item


and finally Franks son Eric  served in the Australian Airforce during WW2

Digital copy of item


Its great to be able to have access to these documents so readily. I discovered that you can subscribe to the Newly Scanned Records form the Archives website  by adding your email address and any keywords you may be interested in they will send you an alert when new documents are added that may interest you. – What a great service.

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