Monday, November 18, 2013




I finally got time to do another layout.

Lately Ive been receiving some info on my Dad’s Mothers side of the family from my “Lowe” cousins in the UK and this prompted me to do this layout . ( including a wonderful photograph of 3 sister in laws – Susan and Beatrice Lowe, and Elizabeth Ollerenshaw all dressed in their husbands uniforms – this is definitely going to be the subject of its own layout!.



Obviously I need to research much deeper into each of the brothers military service but I felt this was a good introductory layout for a series about their involvement in WW1

Before World War One all the Lowe Brothers - sons of George Samuel and Mary Jane  Lowe, served in the Territorial Army, playing in the band. All 4 went on to serve during the war which had tragic results for the family .
Henry joined the  Sherwood Foresters and enlisted as a stretcher bearer in the 5th Battalion, along with his brother in law Arthur Ollerenshaw.  He was killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme,  being shot by a sniper whilst carrying a wounded officer from the battlefield ( this event being witnessed by Arthur.
John joined the Derbyshire Yeomanry as a Bugler and a Drummer,  and served at Gallipoli with his younger brother Herbert.
Samuel joined the machine Gun Corps and was one of 170,500 officers and men who served in this Unit. Of this group 62,049 were killed wounded or missing.
Herbert, the youngest brother was a Private in the Derbyshire Yeomanry with his brother John. Sadly he was killed on August 21st 1915, aged just 21,  in the battle for Gallipoli


  1. Great layout as usual Lauren. If you ever get stuck on your Ollerenshaws, and if they are from Derbyshire, then let me know as I might have a contact for you.

    1. They are from Derbyshire Dawn - - it seems to me that all the related families lived within "cooeey" of each other . - I havent got far in researching that branch yet but ill holler to you when i do!