Monday, November 7, 2016

The Family of Henry Boam 1650-1697

In preparation for my trip to the UK next year I decided to embark upon a book covering my Winster based families.
Im starting with the Boams and will cover the Wilsons and others I can find enough information on before I go

The hard thing about doing layouts and books about these ancestors is I know very little of their day to day lives so stories are limited and the layouts are basically just covering facts which can be a bit dry and boring.
Hopefully the book will end up not being too boring!!
Im starting with Henry Boam born 1650 in Bakewell. It was his sons who appear to be the first in the family to move to Winster.

Henry BOAM was baptised at All Saints Church Bakewell, Derbyshire on June 30 1650. The baptism register is written in Latin and he is named as Henricus and his father as Samuelus Boam. It is thought that Samuel was born 1623 also in Bakewell, and died 1674 but it is not known who Henry’s mother was.
Little is known of Henry’s life but it is know that he married Joan PLANT at St Giles Church, Great Longstone, Derbyshire on 29 June 1676. Great Longstone is about an hours walk across the hills from Bakewell.
Records are sparse , but it is known that Henry had at least one older sister, Dorothy (1647-1656)
Henry is thought to have had 8 children. Some have Joan listed as the mother but others list no mother, but one assumes she was the mother of all the children.
Records show two sons named Samuel so the assumption is the elder Samuel died and the younger Samuel was named after him.
It was around the mid 18th century and the early stages of the industrial revolution that mining became important to the Derbyshire region, this could be why several of Henry’s children moved their families to Winster.

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