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The Family of David Wilson 1747-1795

This is another page for the book I intend to create featuring the branches of my family who moved to and lived at Winster in Derbyshire.
This page features David Wilson my 6x Great Grandfather, son of Francis Wilson of Longnor, Staffordshire  whose page I did previously.

Again as noted previously because this era had records which featured very little information , not much is known about the day to day lives of this family, however their address of Dunbrook, Longnor gives a good clue as in the early 18th century there were very few buildings in the area and Dawn Scotting (from whom the vast majority of the research on this family was done) has ascertained that the house which David Wilson built is still standing .
The other exciting thing to note is David is one of the most distant ancestors of whom I have a copy of his hand writing - which came from his marriage record.

David Wilson was my 6x Great Grandfather. He was baptised at Longnor Staffordshire on 22nd November 1747, and married Jane Sleigh at Alstonefield . Very early in their marriage they lived at Under Longnor Edge, probably in the same house or close to Davids father who also lived at this location, however before long they moved to Dunbrook, where most of their children were born, and remained there for the rest of David’s life as his burial record attests. After Davids death, Jane remarried to William Slack but they dont appear to have remained in the district.
It is unknown what occupation David held, however we do know from his marriage record that he could at least write as she has signed his name. The marriage was witnessed by a Peter Wilson. I am unsure who Peter is as from our records, this was not the name of any of David’s brothers or Uncles.
It is likely he was either a farmer, or a miner, or even a stone mason, based on the location of his cottage at Dunbrook, and the occupations of his children some of whom became lead miners.  Davids son Joseph, my 5x Great Grandfather, was the first in my direct line to move to Winster in Derbyshire.
The cottage that the Wilsons lived in along with its detached 2 story barn, at Dunbrook is still standing and though it has had significant modernisation, it still retains the character it likely had when it was lived in by my 6x Great Grandparents David and Jane had a total of 9 children. The eldest, Elizabeth, baptised as Betty was born while the family still lived at Under Longnor Edge however all the rest were born at Dunbrook .
It appears the home stayed in the family as an 1834 trade directory has a Simon Wilson, Mason living there, and he remained there for the remainder of his life, as shown in both the 1841 and 1851 censuses and his death record in 1860.
From the 1851 census it would appear that Simon was  born in 1788 or 89 so could have been a child of David and Jane but I can not find a birth record for him at all , however the records around this time are quite damaged and pages appear to be missing so Simon could easily be the son of David and Jane. 

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