Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My DNA Tree

I had my DNA tested by Ancestry late last year. I had hoped it would break down my brick wall around Mary Ann Gleeson, my 2x Great Grandmother whose origin is Irish/English. I have had no luck in finding any matches to Mary Ann, and I must say Ive found the entire process quite frustrating and confusing, however every match that occurs has confirmed the paper trail I have followed, and in 2 cases I have managed to further my tree by several generations.
One match even allowed me to connect to Royalty so it has absolutely been worth the frustration.

I decided to make a visual representation of the connections I have confirmed so far. Im not sure that this is the best method but it will do for now . Each connection I have made in a new colour - and Ive added that colour dot to my own name for each of the 4 connections I have made.

I'll update this page when I make new matches and I hope to fill this page with colour.

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