Monday, March 28, 2016

A "Sallie" in the Family

For this week's Ancestor a week post Im taking a different slant. This isnt a complete story one persons life but rather the story of part of her life.
Actually mostly I did this layout because I simply love the photo of my Great Grandmother Annie Elizabeth Grant, and have been wanting to use it since I got a copy from another relative a couple of years ago.

The young woman in the photo is Annie Elizabeth Grant. She is the eldest daughter of William Grant and his wife  Louisa Mary  nee Abbott.  Annie was not the first member of the family to be a member of the Salvation Army.  In fact the family has roots with the Salvation Army from the very early days of the religion in New Zealand.
Annie’s grandmother Sarah Ann Abbott is known to have joined the Salvation Army along with her husband Henry Abbott before he died in 1895, and she remained a staunch member until her death in 1913.  Annie married William McClellan in 1900 . William was also a member of the Salvation Army, his father, William McClellan Sr had become a Salvation Army member around 1888 and he and his wife continued with the Army and were strongly involved in the Temperance movement.  William Sr. was buried by the Salvation Army in Woodville in 1894.
It is highly likely that Annie met her husband William at Salvation Army meetings and they were married at the home of Annie’s parents at 17 Owen Street Wellington, by the Salvation Army’s Major Cain , who was the Army’s general Secretary for the New Zealand Colony.
Annie and her new husband William were however not to stay with the Sallies. It is not known why they left, but they became very active members of the Methodist Church, with husband William conducting many Church choirs and bands.
Family stories have it though, that when the “Sallies ” came to call, Annie would not answer the door and go and hide behind the copper!.

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