Tuesday, August 6, 2013

H. Whitnall-Smith -Photographer


Henry Whitnall Smith was an Auckland Photographer who had studios at 298 Queen Street above  Milne and Choyce Department Store and later at Victoria Arcade, and is credited as being a professional  photographer for more than 50 years.
While he appears to have been primarily a portrait photographer, he also appears credited for numerous “news” type photos in the early NZ
Newspapers  He became part of the Middlebrook family when  he married Jane Thompson Middlebrook, daughter of  John and Mary Ann Middlebrook.
It appears that the Middlebrooks  made good  use of the photographer in the family as quite  few of the photographs I have in my family history collection bear the  Whitnall Smith logo such as thephoto on the left of my Great Great  Grandfather Samuel.

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