Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ellen Hardy Miller

I’ve posted about Ellen Hardy before. She intrigues me a lot, partly because she’s so beautiful in the photos we have of her, and also of course because of the sad story of her romance.

Recently I found out that she had a much earlier Katikati connection than we had previously known of.

While going through Katikati school records I found an Ellen Middlebrook that didn’t fit in with the timeline of the only other Ellen Middlebrook I knew of in Katikati ( My Great Grandmother).

This particular record is for an Ellen Middlebrook who’s guardian is Mrs Middlebrook and who has a birthdate of 20 Jan 1874 which is Ellen Hardy’s birth year.  – she was registered into Katikati Number 2 school on 16 April 1883 and stayed until 17 May 1883 from where it says she was going to Auckland.

Samuel and Mary Jane had only just got married the year before and had no children at that stage, so I suspect the Mrs Middlebrook who is the guardian is in fact Ellen Middlebrook sr. ( Samuels mother and Ellen Hardy’s Grandmother) .

There are no other granddaughters named Ellen born in 1874 so it must be Ellen Hardy.


I love this photograph of Ellen and her daughter Ethel and I thought it was perfect for this kit called Tell me a Story


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