Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thomas Secombe: A Man of the Sea.

Having now confirmed with DNA that my 2x Great Grandfather, William McClellan was in fact William McClelland Secombe, I felt it appropriate to start to do some serious research on his ancestors.
His father, My 3xG Grandfather was Thomas Secombe.
Much research has been done already on the Secombe family, and I would like to acknowledge the work of Maureen Gates and Peter Symms. Maureen sent me a lot of information, much of it sent to her by Peter Symms from the UK, and I have also downloaded a large number of records of the British Coastguard from the Royal Archives today to learn as much about Thomas as I can.

I find it useful to create a timeline for my ancestors as a starting point to further research and so here is one for Thomas Secombe.

1809: BIRTH: Polruan, Cornwall 3 March 1809. ( Year varies on records)
1825: ENLISTMENT: Signs up with Royal Navy .
1831: CREW: Is crew on HMS Diligence, a RevenueCutter 18th Oct 1831
1832: CHOLERA: 26 July 1832 on shore at Cholera Hospital
1832: MARRIAGE : 9th Nov 1832 to Isabella McClelland at Stranraer, Wigtown, Scotland
1833: BIRTH: of Son WILLIAM MCCLELLAND SECOMBE 9th Nov 1833 at Isle of Whithorn, Wightownshire, Scotland
1838:DISCHARGED: From HMS Diligence due to nomination to join Coastguard.
1838: JOINED :Coastguard at Bangor Station, Ireland
1840: BIRTH: of son ALEXANDER SECOMBE at Isle of Whithorn, Wigtownshire, Scotland.(No record found but date from later records of Alexander)
1841: BIRTH: of son MARK SECOMBE 9th Nov 1841 at Isle of Whithorn, Wigtownshire, Scotland
1842:APPOINTED:  To Coastguard station Tara, Strangford, Ireland, position Boatman 10 Aug 1842
1843: BIRTH of daughter ELIZABETH SECOMBE location unknown but possibly Ireland.
1846: BIRTH of son  ANDREW SECOMBE 6 Oct 1846 at Portaferry Northern Ireland
1850:PROMOTION:27 Sept 1850 promoted to Revenue Man and transferred to Rodden Stn, Donghadee, Ireland
1851:BIRTH of son JOHN SECOMBE, Donghadee, Ireland
1852:BIRTH of son LEWIS SECOMBE 13 Oct 1852, Donghadee, Ireland
1854:RECALLED to Royal Navy due to Crimean War. Posted to HMS Calcutta and sailed to the Baltics
1855:DISCHARGED: From HMS Calcutta,and transferred to HMS Pembroke
1856:PAY 1s6d per day RANK Commissioned Boatman
1856:TRANSFERRED to HMS St Albans
1856: DISCHARGED St Albans to rejoin shore based position at Rodden Station Donaghadee, Ireland July 1856
1859:GOOD CONDUCT BADGE: Received  1 Mar 1859
1861:GOOD CONDUCT BADGE: Received 1 Jan 1861
1862: DEATH: of Daughter ELIZABETH SECOMBE, Age 19 at Greyabbey, Newtownards, Ireland
Buried at Church of Ireland, Balligan, Ireland.
1862:DEATH: THOMAS SECOMBE died 24 Mar 1862 at Rodden Stn, Donaghadee, Ireland, Buried at Church of Ireland, Balligan, Ireland with his daughter Elizabeth.

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