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The Children of Henry Goodrum and Jane Boyt

Today's post is a non photo post which I created to help the confusion around the children of my 3x Great Grandparents William Henry and Jane Goodwin.
There are many issues in trying to trace their children, as William changed his name during the course of his life from Henry Goodrum, and some of the children are registered as Goodrum and some Goodwin and some arent registered at all. All of the children marry as Goodwin, though some I have failed to find proof of.

Journalling reads:

Tracing the children of Henry and Jane Goodrum/Goodwin, has not proven to be easy at all.  In fact not all of the children were registered and those who were registered are split with some registered as the child of Jane and Henry Goodrum, Jane and Henry Goodwin, and Jane and William Henry Goodwin. It doesnt help that there was another Auckland with the name William Henry and Jane Goodwin.     The death certificates of both Jane and Henry state they had 7 living children at the time of their deaths. We know at least one child had predeceased them , which means they had at least 8 children.    I am not sure I have them all represented on this page  however these are the ones I have researched .

Mary Jane 8 Dec 1852-4 Nov 1940
Mary Jane’s birth does not appear in the official NZ birth records, however her baptism with the surname Goodrum, is mentioned in a book about St Peters Church in Onehunga. In 1883 she is married in Wellington to William John Crichton, though why she was there is a mystery. She and William had 7 children between 1870 and 1886, and after William’s death she married  George Teakel, in Auckland in 1906. Her obituary mentions her father was WH. Goodwin of the 58th Regiment.
William Charles 1854 ? - ?
 There is no birth record, nor a confirmed death record for William Charles, however we know he existed and was still living in 1912 as he is the executor and a beneficiary of his fathers will. We know at the time of the writing of the will he was living in Waimai. There are 2 trees on the internet which place his birth at 1854, however I have been unable to confirm this. The electoral roll entries have no wife listed as living at the same address so I am unable to ascertain if he was married at any time.
Sarah Ann 1858 -20 March1927
Sarah Ann’s birth is registered as Sarah Goodrum (parents Henry and Jane) in 1858. She married Edward John Moffitt who was a neighbour of her parents near Ngaruawahia, in 1878 and had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls John Henry who died aged 17, Edward John Jr, Elinor and Eliza Annie.  Sarah lived most of her life in Ngaruawahia and died at her daughters house in Te Aroha aged  67.
George Peace 1859 -1922
George’s birth does not appear to have been registered. We can ascertain his birth from his marriage certificate . He married Mary Kogan on Sept 5th 1883 and his age is listed as 24. His birth place is listed as Auckland but he was living in Thames at the time of his wedding. His parents are listed as Henry Goodwin and Jane formally Boyd (instead of Boyt). His name is listed as George, but on the birth record for his son his middle name is listed as Peace. (His son is named the same name George Peace Goodwin. George and Mary had at least 10 children but George is charged with wife desertion in 1898 so it appears he wasnt always the best provider for his family.
The youngest child, Leslie John was born after this date in 1904 however no birth record for him can be found so I am unsure if he was the son of George.
James 3 Sept 1860 - 14 Sept 1898
James was born in Newton, Auckland, according to his birth record. His parents were listed as Henry Goodrum and Jane nee Boyt.  James married Mary Ann Gleeson in Hamilton in 1880. James worked for the Railways and was involved in building the main trunk line south, including the bridge over the Waikato river. James and Mary Ann had 10 children including one who died in infancy of measles. When the railway reached Te Awamutu, James felt he could no longer keep moving his family so he left and took up farming and sharemilking in Newstead, Hamilton. Sadly though, not long after that, in September 1898 James died of Acute double Pneumonia, aged only 38 years old.
Henry 1863 - 1930
Henry was born in 1863 and his surname was Goodrum - Parents Henry and Jane.  He was married (as Henry Goodwin) on 7th May 1894 to Marjorie Mahon. On his marriage certificate he names his parents as William Henry Goodwin and Jane Goodwin formerly Boyd. They had 4 children, Zela Theodora Gertrude, Walter Casper, Milton Watford Gorange, and James Henry Mahon before Marjorie sued for divorce in 1913.  I have not found any evidence of Henry remarrying after his divorce . He died in 1930 aged 67.

Samuel Henry 27 Mar1866 - 15 Sept1926
Samuel was born with the surname Goodrum, parents Jane and Henry in 1866. He  and his eventual wife Letitia Meekin have a son Francis Henry in Auckland in 1898 a full 7 years before Samuel and Letitia eventually marry (like his siblings before him marries with the surname Goodwin) in 1905. They went on to have a further 6 children The electoral rolls indicate Samuel was a labourer, and lived primarily in Ngaruawahia  until his death in 1926 aged 60
Joseph 1868 - 1955
Joseph was born in 1868 with the surname Goodwin,  parents William Henry and Jane.  He marries Sarah Miller in Drury in   1900 and they raised an adopted daughter. The marriage however is an unhappy one and Sarah leaves Joseph on multiple occasions and becomes pregnant with another mans child, and is also arrested for prostitution on more than one occasion.  Joseph divorces Sarah in 1917.   He did not remarry. Upon his death, his estate was claimed by a Cecilia Sutcliffe who claimed to be his daughter. One would assume she must have been  the child that had been adopted before Joseph and Sarah’s divorce.
Unknown or Unnamed 1871-1871
I have no details of this child, which was not registered, except for an entry at NZ Archives of a letter from the Hamilton coroner regarding the Stillborn infant of William Henry Goowin. The letter is dated 16th October 1871.

On the death certificate of Jane in 1913 there is listed the ages of the surviving children as Males 60, 55, 46, 43, 40 and Females 61 and 51. I have tried to tally those ages with the children I have researched.
61 - Mary Jane ; 60 William Charles ( this might indicate he was born a year earlier than we think)
55 - could be George ; 51 -Must be Sarah Ann even though she was actually 55; 46 ( this could be Samuel, but is probably Henry even though the age is 4 years out- Henry would have been 50) 43 - Is the wrong age again for Samuel as he would have been 47; 40 - Joseph was actually 45 at the time of his fathers death.
Due to the confusion it is entirely possible there is another child I have yet to find

As a side note to this layout, I am descended from James and I have a DNA match to a descendant of Samuel Henry. There is also a DNA match to descendants of a sister of Jane Goodrum/Goodwin nee Boyt, confirming her as my 3x G Grandmother.  I hope over time more matches can be found to confirm my Goodwin family tree .

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