Sunday, August 3, 2014

Family of Benjamin Middlebrook


As part of the Middlebrook Family Reunion effort I am attempting to produce a book which includes as many of the family photos as I can . Obviously in a book which tells stories of family history it is impossible to include all the photos we have copies of- so there is a need for a book which will display the photos attractively, and will include photos that we currently are not able to identify as well as members of side branches of the family.

I started the basic book design today and started with the family of Benjamin Middlebrook, for it is his branch of the family I have the fewest photos of.

This design will form the basic template for the book which I will put together over the next 6 months. Obviously some branches of the family will have significantly more pages devoted to them – and may have sub-sets of pages of descendants families.


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