Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sam Middlebrook in the Waihi Peace Parade 1919


When I was gifted several boxes of photos that had belonged to Bess Middlebrook, one of the Strangest was a small photo of a Maori Warrior and a Scottish Piper. It was in terrible condition and very very dark but I enhanced it in photoshop  ( I havent repaired it at all just bought out some of the detail hidden in the dark depths of it – anyway I  realised very quickly this Maori Warrior was in fact Samuel Middlebrook.



I wondered what on earth this photo was all about – until I found this large print  of a Parade Float and spied Samuel there – again beside the Scottish Piper.

What an interesting photo this is. Check out the Clown with the Gun!!



I suspected this was some kind of Peace Parade and I was right – Another photo of the same event was in the Auckland Weekly News in their spread on the local Peace Celebrations 7 August 1919 p042 which can be found here.


I felt these photos deserved a layout so here it is


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