Saturday, July 27, 2013

Annie Elizabeth Grant and William McClellan




William McClellan and Annie Elizabeth Grant were my Great Grandparents.

They were married on November 7th 1900, at 7 Owen Street Newtown Wellington ,which according to the marriage certificate below appears to have been the home of Annie’s father William Grant.


Both appear to have been Salvation Army members at the time of their marriage, and the officiating minister for the ceremony is named as Major Cain, who was the Army’s secretary for the Colony of New Zealand



From the Newspaper notice above we can see William was living with his Mother in Thompson Street in Wellington at the time of the marriage, which indicates that his  mother Elizabeth McClellan remained associated  the Salvation Army church  after her 2nd husbands death.

Her husband William McClellan had joined the Salvation Army some time in the 1880s as far as we can be aware, and it is suspected that the Army had something to do with the family’s move from Pleasant Point to Woodville prior to Williams death.

Elizabeth’s grandmother Sarah Ann Abbott was a devoted Salvationist, and it appears that  the rest of the family followed suit.

I hope to do more research on the connections of both families to the Salvation Army soon.

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