Saturday, December 15, 2012

Victor and Madge Middlebrook


This layout features a couple of the photographs I got copies of from the Te Awamutu museum when I visited there last month. They had a collection of over 30 photos relating to John and Mary Ann Middlebrook and their children and family.

I know very little about this photo of the wedding of Albert Victor Middlebrook to his bride Madge.
The photo was part of a collection held by Te Awamutu Museum. It states its circa 1914 and that Madge was a war bride.
There is no record of the marriage in New Zealand, so I assume the wedding took place while Victor (as he was known) was posted overseas in World War 1.
I suspect the wedding is later than 1914 though based on the ages of both Victor and Madge. Madge (who I know nothing about at all), died in 1968 aged 68, according to NZ records so she is unlikely to have married as young as 14 .Victor too was only 16 in 1914 so I believe this wedding took place later in World War 1 .
From what I have found on the Cenotaph Database Victor was part of the 15th Reinforcements of the NZ Field Artillery and his rank was that of Gunner and his embarkation date was 26 July 1916 so I suspect this wedding took place between 1916 and 1918.
Victor was the 11th of 12 children of John and Mary Ann Middlebrook. and the 4th of 5 sons. His elder brother Nelson also saw active service in WW1 .
Albert was a butcher with his father prior to being called up but by the 1930s he was farming in the Auckland region.
I have yet to discover if Madge and Victor had any children, but the only other photo I have of Madge and Victor looks to be taken in Rotorua and it does look like she may well be pregnant. Madge died in 1968 aged 68 and Victor lived a further 2 years dying in 1970 aged 72 .


I see Archives NZ holds several documents relating to Victor Middlebrook. There are 4 files regarding bankruptcy in 1930, insolvency from 1935, a consent to property purchases in 1946 and a sale in 1947  from 1947 and also his probate from 1970 . Interestingly I cant see any war records for him for his WW1 service – I can see those of his brother Nelson and several of his cousins but his name doesnt appear. The probate especially may give me more information on any children Madge and Victor may have had so this layout may need a post script after I have been out to Archives for a further look.

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