Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Introducing… My 4x Great Grandmother

Yesterday I was visted by some cousins of my mother, who, interested in the research that I had done came around to “compare notes”.

They bought the photos that they have and we were able to swap. Some of the photographs are just photocopies of the originals, with notes written by an elderly relative some time ago but they were good enough quality copies to be really able to see into the past.

Whats more I was able to identify some people in other photos I now have who I previously couldn’t and this made it all the more exciting.

Not only were there 2 small copies of portraits of Ellen ( nee THOMPSON) and Benjamin FARRER, but there was even a photo of Benjamin – in fact it was a photo I had already received from another cousin but we had no idea who it was until yesterday.  ( I will be posting those photos soon)

As I was making this layout today I sat and wondered what this woman born back in the 18th century in Pontefract Yorkshire, would make  of her descendants interest in her life – we are becoming quite a little group now – I hope I can gather more Middlebrook descendants to share history with so we can piece together what appears to be a tale that could rival some of the best epic novels.

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