Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Great Grandmothers

Id like to get a book completed before I attend the Family History expo in Christchurch in a few weeks so Im trying to get a few layouts done each week.
Today I realised I had photos ( albeit not great quality of one)  of all 4 of my Great Grandmothers and that might make a nice layout – to see the photos of them side by side.
I grew up knowing one of my Great Grandmothers very well as she didnt die until I was in my late teens . I knew of another and had seen a photo, but she died before I was born. The other two ( on my fathers side) I had absolutely no knowledge of at all and Im only now just learning about them.

Journalling on this layout reads :
Most of you I never knew, and some of you I never even knew of. You are all four beautiful strong women who faced adversity and a changing world. You may never have known each other , and yet you are indelibly connected, because you are each my Great GrandMother
Ellen Goodwin, nee Middlebrook    Annie McClellan, nee Grant   Edith Poole nee Bennett  Susan Lowe nee Wheatcroft

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  1. I'm really enjoying your genealogy blog and layouts Lauren, and looking forward to carving out some time to work on some of my own. This is such a beautiful layout and how wonderful to put all four of your great-grandmothers on one page! I think you favor your great-aunt Edith quite a bit!