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The Goodwin/Goodrum conundrum continues


Today I spent an hour at Auckland Museum doing a little more research on William Henry Goodwin/Henry Goodrum.

Im afraid Im none the wiser, in fact if anything I’m even more confused.

In a book on  British Colonial soldiers who discharged in New Zealand I found the following entries



As you can see there is a William GOODWIN listed, but he is from Woodbridge which is in Suffolk, and according to the details I have on his sons death certificate our man was from Norfolk,

The other name of interest is Henry GOODERAM- He  is from Gissing which is in Nofolk – It appears he enlisted  on the 28th may 1844 and discharged on 31st Jan 1857 after having been part of the NSW detachment in 1846.

Additionally we found this entry in a book on men who received honours for fighting for NZ ( this book published 1900)


I think we can assume Henry GOODERUN and Henry GOODERAM  and Henry GOODRUM were one and the same. ( although assumptions are not always wise)


Of course this still doesnt explain the change of name from Henry GOODRUM to William Henry GOODWIN.

I did however find out some more information about the BOYT family that he married into from a book on the NZ Fencibles  ( The Royal New Zealand Fencibles 1847-1852 By Ruth Alexander, Alan La Roche, Gail Gibson)

There is an interesting snippet about Janes sister Joanna who married the son of another Fencible , John Reece. They came out on the Ramilles together and were next door neighbours

This book also tho states that Jane married William GOODWIN son of Fencible James GOODWIN, but as I mentioned in my earlier post – all references to that Willliam Goodwin have him aged 1 when he arrived in NZ in 1849, certainly not at all close to the age of the William Henry GOODWIN or Henry GOODRUM who married Jane Boyt in 1852.


A further book I viewed on the Waikato Regiments has Henry GOODRUM enlisting in  the 4th Waikato as a substitute for William Bowden in Onehunga  on 30 July 1864. He lists his age here as 39 which would make him born 1825 which is in the right ball park for the man who was the father of my Great Great Grandfather.


Oh and then just to confuse me even more – I came across this article in Papers Past

Entitled Despaches from Colonel Despart, To Governor Fitzroy – New Zealander, Volume 1, Issue 6, 12 July 1845, Page 2


Camp. Jst July, ,1845. The following are the directions, and the distribution of the troops, for the attack on the pa, at 3 o'clock, this evening. The principal attack will be made on or near the right angle on the front face, (that face being considered the front one 1 that is opposite the camp), and the whole column for this attack will be formed as follows :2 sergeants and 20 volunteers from the three corps will form the advance, and proceed with the most perfect silence till they reach the stockade. This party will be followed closely by the assaulting body, under Major Macpherson, composed of 40 grenadiers from the 58th and 40 grenadiers from the 99th Regiments, and will be accompanied by a small party of seamen, and by 30 pioneers from the volunteer Militia. The seamen, and as many pioneers as there are sufficient tools for, will' be supplied with axes or hatchets for the purpose of cutting down the stockade. Those pioneers that cannot  be supplied with axes or hatchets are to carry the ladders as well as strong ropes, which will be supplied by the Artillery department, for pulling down the stockade. Major Macpherson's party will be closely followed by Major Bridge, of the 58th Regiment, having under him the remainder of the grenadiers of the' 58th, to be made up to 60 rank and file from the battalion of the same Regiment, and 40 rank and file from the Light Company of the 99th Regiment.— ln all amounting to 100 rank and file. A strong supporting party will be formed under Lieut.Colonel Hulme, 96th Regiment, consisting of the whole of the detachment of the96thRegiment, completed to 100 rank and file by the battalion men of the 58th Regiment. The moment an entrance is made into the pah, this party will instantly follow* the preceding parties The remainder of the force will be under the personal command of Colonel Despard, for the purpose of directing assistance wherever necessary, with the exception of 40 rank and,file of the 58th Regiment, under command of Capt. Thompson, of that corps, who will occupy the hill overlooking the pah, and the camp it being considered necessary to do so, from the attempt made by the natives in the morning to get possession of it. By order, R. B. Deering Lieut. 99th Regiment,- Acting Brigade  Major.

The names of the non-commissioned officers and privates, killed and wounded, as yet known, are a,s follows Her Majesty's 58th Regiment.

Sergeant Halliday
  “            Morrow
  “           Andrew
  “           Wilson
Corporal William Stewart
Privates – Davis,
Thirty five wounded. Two Sergeants and 33rank and file.names not yet reported..

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